B-School Edu-Solutions

APCME works closely with business schools in the Asia Pacific region to offer innovative and industry focused programs to help develop management education quality and help the participants/students to explore new horizons with an international exposure. The offerings for the business schools can range from classroom experience to overseas programs and e-learning solutions.

Program Offerings

Diploma/Certificate Programs

Diploma and Certificate programs offer specialization in specific areas of business education and would be delivered by faculty and industry practitioners from across the global. These programs are validated by top foreign universities and serve as a great add-on to the students’ CV and learning experience.

Overseas Study Trip

An experiential international learning program at Singapore/US/UK/Australia including lectures by renowned academicians and experts, company visits, guided tours and exposure to the unique local cultures and industry practices, provides a distinctive learning engagement to the participant.

Guest Lecture/ Seminar

APCME organizes Guest Lectures and Seminars in various areas like - Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Finance, and Marketing. The lectures are delivered by leading experts and academicians from across the globe.


In effort to supplement and provide an effective learning experience, we also design e-learning modules and web-based trainings to meet the needs of our clients where a conventional classroom training or overseas experience may not be feasible.

Teaching Methodology

We combine a mix of conventional and unconventional pedagogy to provide an unique and rewarding learning experience. Sessions and programs may include conventional text book and presentations, company and industry specific customized case studies, group discussions, role-play, outdoor activities, assignments, individual and group projects as well as assessments and assignments.